Song of the Week: Adiam – Immaculate

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One of my favourite artists of 2009 was Adiam Dymott, who released songs including the brilliant Memory Loss and Miss You. She had some success in her home country of Sweden, but sadly faded into obscurity soon after. I was very excited, therefore, to discover earlier this year that she was not only back with new music, but had actually signed to Capitol Records in the US. As yet her new album Black Wedding, released simply under the name Adiam, hasn’t had much recognition. She’s moved on from the sassy, grungey indie-pop of her debut album to a more current sound that verges on electro-R&B, but Black Wedding showcases the same beautiful voice and songwriting style I always loved. It’s a really strong album (working best as a whole, much like her debut) but the immediate standout was Immaculate. It begins with majestic strings, leading into dreamy vocals and catchy hooks. There’s something special about this girl, and I’m so happy to have her back.

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