Future Stars: Aanysa (RCA)

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17-year-old singer Aanysa may be from Kansas via LA, and signed to RCA US, but you wouldn’t guess it from the very British sound of her debut single. There’s an easy explanation for this – it’s a collaboration with Snakehips, co-written by Tom Aspaul and Caroline Ailin, and produced by Grades, all of whom are British, or UK-based. The garage-pop of Burn Break Crash isn’t a familiar sound in the US charts, but Aanysa’s vocals will attract comparisons to Tinashe, the American singer who features on Snakehips’ biggest hit, All My Friends. Aanysa has been posting videos on YouTube since 2011 but she’s not really a YouTube star, which means she’s got a long year of hard work ahead of her in order to break through in 2017. After five years of trying to get to this point, I’m sure she has the determination that’s required. We shouldn’t underestimate anyone whose career can survive this hat.

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