A Tribute to K-otic: the best reality TV band to ever exist

I realised the other day that I haven’t written about K-otic in a while, and that is a travesty because they were one of the best girl-boy groups in pop history. I was totally obsessed with them (and Sita, who was in the band but went solo) for a while, and even learnt some Dutch so I could navigate their websites, and made a fansite for their UK fans. Listening to songs like I Surrender and I Was Made To Love You now makes my stomach flip with great memories.

What I loved about K-otic was their diversity, as band members were brought together on a Popstars-type show, and each took the lead at certain times enabling all aspects of pop to be covered, from rock to r’n’b and even a touch of country. They were quite the antidote to Hear’Say! In every style they retained that special turn-of-the-century pop sound, and although they’ll probably never make any more music (I suppose a reunion could happen now they’re so trendy) they’ll always be a great reminder of a wonderful period in pop music history.

To commemorate the brilliance of K-otic, who unbelievably have now been split up for a whole five years, I have compiled a special YouTube playlist of all of their greatest moments.


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