Future Stars: A Great Big World (Sony/Epic)

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A Great Big World's single Say Something shot up to no.2 on the US iTunes chart after they performed a new version with Christina Aguilera on The Voice. This wasn't just down to Christina as her last top 10 US hit (apart from songs she featured on) was in 2008, and not just down to The Voice, as the other song performed this week (How I Feel by Flo Rida) is languishing at 67. It's all about the song. It clearly struck a chord with the American public, and with such an impressive chart impact it's now certain to be promoted worldwide. A Great Big World are a geeky, uncharismatic duo, but the ability to write a song that connects with people trumps pop star potential. Carving out a long-term career will be near impossible, but they could easily be the next Gotye or Daniel Powter.


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