A Decade Of Poptastic No.1s!

Girls Aloud – Sound of the Underground

22 Dec 2002

This is by no mean’s my favourite GA song, but it shows what a great band they are that this piece of pop genius is still nowhere near their best. When it was first released I was shamefully anti-Aloud, simply due to my fierce hatred of Louis Walsh (which due to X Factor the British public now finally agree with me) and annoyance at him beating pop master Pete Waterman. The reason I was supporting the boys in the first place was because there really were some great singers and some great popstars in the final ten, and although some of the great singers made the band, none of the great popstars did, hence the disaster that was One True Voice’s career.

Luckily, GA’s second single was so amazing that I couldn’t hold out any longer and it’s a very good job I decided to give in then because I really don’t know what excuse I’d have made for disliking The Show or Biology. There really isn’t one, and without the involvement of Louis Walsh (which now thankfully seems to be severed, except for when it suits Louis to be linked to the girls) there would have been no reason to dislike this track.

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