A Decade Of Poptastic No.1s!

Spice Girls – Wannabe

27th July 1996

As I mentioned yesterday, it was the Spice Girls who first got me into pop music in a big way, and it seems to be the same story for most people in my age group. I was so lucky to be just the right age for one of the biggest pop phenomena of all time. Although they became terribly uncool around the time of their last album and still are individually, it seems that what they achieved in their early days as pop stars is still remembered very fondly by their fans. Everyone I know has stories of pretending to be one of the girls, learning the dance routines, collecting the stickers and photos, of the singles and even the album tracks, the film and the clothes. I’m sure there’ll come a day when wearing a Spice Girls t-shirt will be much cooler than a Ramones one, even if some wearers may just be doing so to be ironic. They’ll still be buying into the Spice brand, just like the good old days!

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