5 Ace Singles Out This Week!

JC Chasez – Plug It In

This piece of mega-aceness is one of two JC releases in the next few weeks (the other being a double a-side of Blowin’ Me Up and Some Girls (Dance With Women)), but I’m guessing you all know that by now by the amount of times I’ve written it recently. Anyway, if you like Basement Jaxx or JC or both, you are bound to like this. It’s electropop at it’s best and even manages to top the Jaxx’s previous single Good Luck which was also fantastic. Look out for JC performing this live on TV as the TOTP performance last Friday was truly amazing.

Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You

Considering that Alicia was touted as The Next Big Thing by very many music know-it-alls on the release of her debut album, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect her follow up to be slightly less exciting. I never really got into Songs In A Minor but I liked all the singles and I can say the same about the releases so far from Diary Of Alicia Keys. This is a great r’n’b track, very soulful and sticks in your head, plus her voice sounds brilliant.

Pet Shop Boys – Flamboyant

I’ve never been a big fan of the PSBs but I love this song and it seems to be doing well, getting lots of play on The Box which is quite surprising considering the average age of a Box viewer is a quarter of that of Neil Tennant. Not that Neil is that old (I actually don’t know how old he is) but The Box viewers or at least people stupid enough to spens £1 voting for a video are very young. So this ace Japanese video and very catchy song seem to have struck a chord with the young’uns, which has to be good news for the PSBs!

Scissor Sisters – Take Your Mama Out

I’ve just ordered the Scissors’ album so I’m hoping that it is good and from what I’ve heard it will be. They are a really fun and fairly quirky band without being too alternative for my tastes and this song is probably their most commercial – it’s very poppy. The video is quite ace too and makes me want a necklace with scissors on like Jake’s. I bet Argos sells them!

Surferosa – Lucky Lipstick

This one might be quite difficult to track down, seeing as they aren’t very famous yet. I discovered them on Enthusiastic But Mediocre (3 cheers for the ace Edward O!) and then was very excited to notice their video on the Kerrang TV playlist. How I managed that I have no idea because I never ever watch Kerrang, for fear of being contaminated. Anyway, don’t let that put you off the band, they’re seriously poptastic and desperately need to be rescued from that horrid channel. They do rock but the songs are catchy, high-pitched, include synthesizers and dance breaks, have titles like Saturday Night, Disco Love and Elastic Diamonds and are sung by a very ace-sounding girl, therefore undeserving of the rock music fate. So buy this now!

Edit: Just found out that Surferosa isn’t out til next week. Still it’s ace and should be bought regardless.

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