The Next Big Thing?

Those of you excited by Bis’ recent reunion may be interested in this new band, who seem to have a similar approach to music. Money Is The Drug could easily be called a racket, but I like the fun and energy of it. We Got Bored has that typically 90s obnoxious teenagers sound, while Saying My Name is the most catchy/poppy track. Rags and Tags is great too. Overall I’m very impressed! They’ve got the 90s attitude down but add a dash of the 2000s with similarities to The Pipettes and Long Blondes, particularly in the female vocals.
Hit Potential: 62% Poptasticness: 88%

Ali Love
He seems to be popular with indie types (playlisted on XFM and MTV2), but this is just great fun catchy dance-pop music! I’d heard his name mentioned a few times but today was the first time I actually listened to him and now I’m sad cos I’ve been missing out so much, but happy to have found him at last. Secret Sunday Lover is a huge summer party hit in waiting, while Late Night Sessions is totally ace retro disco. Rock N Roll Control is cooler and less fun, K-Hole is a controversial druggy tale, Vincent Brain rockier but still pretty good (very 70s, see the fab video). Ali is already getting recognition is the dance world as he features on the new Chemical Brothers single, so I think a bit solo hit can’t be far away either.
Hit Potential: 85% Poptasticness: 90%

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