Dirrrty Pop Meets… Mika!

A few weeks ago I had a phone interview with exciting new pop act Mika. Being a lazy student it took me a while to transcribe it, but here it is at last for your reading pleasure: How would you describe yourself for someone who hasn’t heard of you before?I am a new artist who’s… Continue reading Dirrrty Pop Meets… Mika!

All I Want For Christmas…

Don’t let desperation to think of something your gran can pick up in Tesco’s lead you to asking for the Westlife Love Album for Christmas – here’s your handy guide to getting what you really want, and some ideas if your list for Santa currently consists of world peace and a tasty mince pie. Available… Continue reading All I Want For Christmas…

Video Killed The Radio Star

Space Cowboy ft. Nadia Oh – My Egyptian Lover (Video)This is somewhat like your typical low budget attempt at launching a UK r’n’b career (I would give examples but I’ve forgotten all their names), but I don’t know if they are actually British (her accent suggests otherwise) and it also has an electro slant which… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

The 13th Most Poptastic Single of 2006

Najoua Belyzel – Gabriel Released: Early 2006Trivia: Najoua has now released 3 singles, every one of them as ethereally glorious as this.Best bits: 1. Es-tu fait pour lui, es-tu fait pour moi2. Gabriel, s’attend, a plus qu’un sentiment 3. J’ai le mal de toi, qu’il en soit ainsi mais dis-moi, dis-moi


Which of these singles are best? The Automatic – Raoul James Morrison – The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore Darin – Perfect Girls Aloud – I Think We’re Alone Now Lily Allen – Littlest Things Nelly Furtado – All Good Things Gwen Stefani – Wind It Up Scissor Sisters – Land of A Thousand Words Take… Continue reading Untitled