Guess The Talky Bit!

Here’s a challenge for you: see how many of the following ‘talky bits’ you can recognise… 1. “The sky is blue and the beach is waiting for you” 2. “Oh, I’m having so much fun!” 3. “Oh, my God…here she comes!” 4. “Man I’m tired of singing” 5. “You’re really dropping out, I think my… Continue reading Guess The Talky Bit!

18th Most Poptastic Single Of 2004!

Freeform Five – Strangest Things Released: 5th July Fun fact: Their album Strangest Things is quite possibly my favourite of the year! Best bits: 1. Let’s get taaangled 2. You turn me round now I can’t find the ground 3. I’ll do the strangest things to you baby

Kylie Minogue – I Believe In You

Released: 6th December Fun fact: This song is actually out…today! Best bits: 1. The joker’s always smiling in every hand that’s dealt 2. I believe I believe I belieeeeve iiiin youuuu 3. I believe in you I believe in

22nd Most Poptastic Single Of 2004!

Portobella – Covered In Punk Released: 14th June Fun fact: Frontwoman Luciana Caporaso was in the pop duo Crush with Donna Air. Best bits: 1. Look at me, I scream like a banchee; God save the drag queen! God save the drag queen! 2. It’s my obsession, what’s your confession? 3. Hey-oh!