10 Things I Learned From Saturday Morning TV

1. After many months of believing Ashlee Simpson “danced to” L-Lo’s boyfriend, I have finally realised that she actually “didn’t steal” him. Yeah right Ashlee!
2. Dork, whoever he is, has 5 sons, not 4 as I previously thought. Either that or a new one has been born since last week. Did they think we wouldn’t notice?
3. Boy Least Likely To are the band least likely to ever make an interesting song, but their video is quite cute.
4. MTV Hits have finally run out of good themes for their themed days – today is “Don’t Day” where every song has “Don’t” in the title.
5. Leo Sayer should never be let out of the pop nursing home again – his miming along with his sample on Meck’s single Thunder In My Heart and especially the dodgy dance routine on CD:UK this morning was the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen.
6. He’s also really really small!
7. Craig David’s new single is still really boring and I still can’t remember it’s name.
8. I might have to start watching Kerrang! with the sound turned off, cos the newFall Out Boy video has a v. cute boy in it (not one of the members obviously).
9. The POP channel on Sky clearly aren’t aware that broadcasting Say Cheese by the Fast Food Rockers is a punishable offence.
10. Heaven Is A Half-Pipe by OPM was actually quite a good song!

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