Holiday! Celebrate!

If you’re wondering why This Must Be Pop is quiet this week, it’s cos I’m on holiday! But I’ll be back next week with Future Pop, announcements about November’s TMBP Live, and of course on Wednesday 3rd October it’s the first ever This Must Be Pop Industry Meetup! Click here to find out more, then… Continue reading Holiday! Celebrate!

X Factor 2012: Ones to Watch

This year’s X Factor starts next Saturday, and already there’s been more speculation than ever about the contestants. That’s because the rules have changed to allow artists with management to enter, so a number of singers and bands who already have a fanbase and a reputation in the industry are taking part. Here are a… Continue reading X Factor 2012: Ones to Watch

What really goes on at the X Factor auditions?

This week I went to watch the X Factor auditions being filmed and it was a fascinating experience. Here’s what happened… How it works: Although the auditions were being held at The O2, two thirds of it were curtained off so it was actually no bigger than the usual venues they use. The auditions each… Continue reading What really goes on at the X Factor auditions?

He watches TV, I read my books

I wrote the other day about my love of documentaries that show the real workings of Planet Pop, and a very similar niche genre is the pop autobiography. I have found that there are two types. Firstly, there are the ones written by relatively new pop acts at the height of their success, who have… Continue reading He watches TV, I read my books

Thank You For The Music: Autumn Rowe

I’m always interested in who the artists I follow are working with on their new music, and recently a name I’ve been hearing more and more is Autumn Rowe. Since penning Alexis Jordan’s breakthrough hit Happiness, she’s been snapped up to work with all the exciting new urban-pop talent, including many of the UK’s most… Continue reading Thank You For The Music: Autumn Rowe

Top 10 Predictions for 2011

Here are my ideas of how the music industry might develop in 2011… let’s see if I’m right! 1. The distinction between album campaigns will become more fluid – Pixie, Ellie and Alexandra have all jumped on the extreme revamp of debut album bandwagon, while The Saturdays were so enthusiastic in following Lady GaGa’s trend,… Continue reading Top 10 Predictions for 2011