Bad Boys Gone Good

You know it’s an extremely poptastic time in music when an artist spends 6 months working with the world’s best r&b producers and comes up with something Rachel Stevens could have released. Apart from Shayne’s If That’s OK With You, Bad Boys is the first pure pop song released by an X Factor winner. I’m… Continue reading Bad Boys Gone Good

Can Alphabeat put a spell on me?

My extreme adoration for Alphabeat and everything they stand for means that there is a lot riding on their new album. I always try to keep my expectations reasonable so that I won’t be disappointed, but it’s difficult with something as important as the first Alphabeat single to be created since they became famous. Before… Continue reading Can Alphabeat put a spell on me?

Back from the non-dead!

I’m back! I haven’t actually been asleep for the last month – in fact I’ve been in Edinburgh working on a play and reviewing shows. I saw 90 shows (yes, 90! I can’t believe it myself) and reviewed about 40 of them, so you can see why I haven’t had much time to blog. I… Continue reading Back from the non-dead!