Oh my God, we’re back again!

Any of you who’ve been reading my blogs for a few years will probably remember a brilliant website called Stylus Magazine, where I used to contribute album reviews and take part in The Singles Jukebox, along with many other ace bloggers and music lovers. Stylus closed down a couple of years ago, and The Singles… Continue reading Oh my God, we’re back again!

All over for another year…

Well, that was a drama and a half! Last night was the final of Melodifestivalen, and it was all very unpredictable. It was exciting, but ultimately the result was exactly what I expected, and Malena Ernman will represent Sweden at Eurovision. The results in general were quite surprising, but what really made it tense for… Continue reading All over for another year…

New Pop on the Block

Gavin Degraw – Stay (Listen)I bought Gavin’s first album in 2003, and I loved it. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that he released his second, and I enjoyed that one, but the excitement and momentum of the first had definitely waned after all those years. Now, to make up for it Gavin is releasing his… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

Baby I’m ready to rumble

Listening to Disarmed by Johan Krafman today, I realised how it would have been the perfect debut single for Eoghan Quigg. A definite number one, especially as no-one has brought the Ola-pop genre to the UK yet. I’m sure that as soon as someone does, every pop act will be rushing to Sweden to get… Continue reading Baby I’m ready to rumble

I wish I were a Hafdis

I went to see Hafdis Huld on Wednesday, and of course it was very ace. I did a review for Londonist, which you can read here. I also made some little videos, so you can get an idea of how fab this little Icelander really is. I Wish You Were a Robot: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfwbfSu13kE&hl=en&fs=1&color1=0x006699&color2=0x54abd6&border=1]

Hello my audio visual

Three of my favourite songs of 2009 so far have just had their videos unveiled. First was Zero, the first single from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ new album. I have always liked this band, but it is with this song that they have really grabbed me, and it improves with every listen. Fittingly, the video… Continue reading Hello my audio visual

Don’t Hassle the Erik

Great news for me and the other 3 Erik Hassle fans: he’s been signed to Island for a worldwide record deal. That means he will be releasing his album here, there and everywhere! And since it’s already finished, it shouldn’t be too long until it can come out. I’m not so fussed about that, though… Continue reading Don’t Hassle the Erik

Who’s got the Max factor?

Carrotline and Afs were right: it’s Emma Bunton! I find this surprising mainly for 2 reasons – 1. I can’t imagine her singing any of the styles Max is known for. She’d be a particularly unconvincing rocker. 2. Max is one of the world’s most successful music producers, so how can someone whose last single… Continue reading Who’s got the Max factor?