The Next Big Thing: an A to Z of 2009 – Part 2

Daniel MerriweatherThe new… Gavin, Paolo and JamieThis 26-year-old Australian has already had two big hits, so he’ll certainly get some attention for his solo work, but he isn’t necessarily guaranteed hits. He has to make good songs first. His new solo single, Change, is not too bad but personally I was more impressed by the… Continue reading The Next Big Thing: an A to Z of 2009 – Part 2

Poptastic News Round-Up!

1. Pixie has posted up the latest installment of her YouTube video diary, and it’s a performance of a new song which sounds really good. It’s called Hallucination and you can listen to it here. Pixie is definitely going to be big in 2009. 2. I just discovered that the new N-Dubz single is written… Continue reading Poptastic News Round-Up!


The UK obsession with Lady GaGa, which I have been patiently awaiting for almost a year now, has begun. She shot right up the charts to no.3 this week, only selling less than Alexandra and Leona. Obviously the British public have been listening to me, since I chose the song as my top single of… Continue reading Finally!

New Pop on the Block

N-Dubz – Strong Again (Watch)It seems that N-Dubz have looked to the past for their new single, but bizarrely they only got as far as the early 00s and their time machine took them to Germany by accident. However, Strong Again is without doubt their most poptastic song yet. Well, it is actually their first… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

Message to Nicola Ward

Don’t you think it’s time to give up now? Andrew Lloyd Webber doesn’t want you, and neither do we!