The Next Big Thing?

Charlotte SometimesShe may be named after a Cure song but don’t take that as a clue as to how her music sounds – instead she’s more of a mix between KT Tunstall and Nicole Atkins. Her new video for How I Could Just Kill A Man is fun, and the single cover is fabulous, although… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

Breaking news!

Well, breaking in the sense that I only just learnt about it: Switches are the new BBMak! Having failed to set the UK charts alight with their acceptably middling guitar-boyband music, despite my predicting them as one of the big acts of 2007, they’ve unexpectedly turned up in the USA. Give them a few months… Continue reading Breaking news!

New Pop On The Block

New Kids On The Block – Summer Time (Video)When I picked that name for my occasional round-up of new singles, I didn’t expect I’d ever actually be reviewing a new song by New Kids themselves, and I am even more surprised to find that I quite like it. There’s an odd thing going on here:… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

DP Review: The Pipettes Live!

On Thursday I attended a very special event. It was the first ever public performance by the all new Pipettes! When a band replaces 2/3 of its members, it’s natural for fans to be a little concerned, but with a back-catalogue like theirs and a member like Gwenno (who was always my favourite anyway), how… Continue reading DP Review: The Pipettes Live!

Questions of the day

1. How much did Jonas Bros’ management pay to get their new single on the Radio 1 playlist?2. How did I never hear about this? It’s hilarious! No matter how rubbish the song is, if the video concept is wizards stealing boybands, all can be forgiven.3. Is the pineapple at the end of that video… Continue reading Questions of the day

Top of the Poptastic!

My favourite singles of May… 1. Gisela – Casanova2. Kalomira – Secret Combination3. Euroband – This Is My Life4. Ani Lorak – Shady Lady5. Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down6. Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning7. Sara Bareilles – Love song8. Ola – Feelgood9. Those Dancing Days – Run Run10. Madonna – Give It To Me11.… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!