Thoughts of the day

1. Is it true or false that as this article suggests, Terra Naomi’s band includes Tyler Hilton, he of minor pop career and One Tree Hill wife-stealing?2. The Robyn mystery is solved – WEH is now on the Radio 1 a-list and its reason for not being in the charts yet is cos it’s not… Continue reading Thoughts of the day

It’s all me, me, me

Brandon from the hushhush ATTACK! music industry newsletter asked to interview me about blogging, so I thought I’d post my answers up here and invite you to send in your own questions for me if you have any – e-mail me at or leave them in the comments box and I’ll compile them in… Continue reading It’s all me, me, me


Recently I have bought three CDs by young men who made their names on the Swedish Idol series. None of the albums were quite up to the brilliance of their predecessor Darin Zanyar, but the output of male pop artists in Sweden is getting stronger (don’t forget the ace hits this summer by Magnus Carlsson,… Continue reading Idolising

Thoughts Of The Day

1. Maybe Robyn won’t be no.1 after all – I haven’t heard her on the radio or seen the video on TV for about a week now. Robyn Mania did not last long, it seems.2. Why isn’t the Cherry Ghost single in the top 40 when the album’s doing so well and it’s getting lots… Continue reading Thoughts Of The Day

New Pop On The Block

Shayne Ward – If That’s OK With You (Audio)How how HOW is it possible that the new Shayne Ward single sounds like Akon? It’s completely insane. Quite catchy though! Better than any of the ballads off his last album, except maybe No Promises (but even that wasn’t as good as the original by some Danish… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

Swedes in Japan – my 2 favourite countries meet!

I just found a really interesting Swedish TV documentary (with English subtitles) online, about two Swedish guys who write songs for Japanese pop bands, and get the chance to visit Japan to write with Japanese production teams and see first-hand the effect their music has on its adoring fans. It’s also really helpful for me… Continue reading Swedes in Japan – my 2 favourite countries meet!

The Next Big Thing?

Guns’n’BombsNot the best name considering recent events (or perhaps that’s the point), but I’ve really enjoyed bopping along to the remixes on their MySpace as I surf the net. It’s not the sort of music I’d listen to while not doing anything else, but it’s great background music. One of them (Filip Turbotito) used to… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?