Beware of superfluous teleological principles!

Finally I have learnt something at college that will actually be useful in real life. I have realised that I have a very Nietzschian approach to music! He said “Beware of superfluous teleological principles” which put more simply (not that it could be put less simply) means “ignore anyone who says there’s a hidden meaning… Continue reading Beware of superfluous teleological principles!

A Decade Of Poptastic No.1s!

Will Young – Anything Is Possible / Evergreen 9th March 2002 At last, we reach the singer who has undoubtedly had the biggest effect on my life so far. In fact, I remember my teenage years as pre-Will and post-Will, the second half obviously being far more superior. It’s 4 years since it’s release, and… Continue reading A Decade Of Poptastic No.1s!

We lurve the new Popjustice

(note the royal “we” for accurate imitation) but we lurve DARREN HAYES AND ALEXANDER BARD!!! even more. Never has a true word been spoken than that of Alexander Bard: “God hates rock’n’roll” – forget Shakespeare, the greatest Bard is and always will be Alexander.

Post-exams Pop Quiz

I’ve had my exams so now it’s time for you to test your brains and you lucky things only have to know about pop music! All the answers can be found on the Internet is you know where to look, and you have an incentive – whoever gets the most points wins a lovely bundle… Continue reading Post-exams Pop Quiz


I was just looking at the most played tracks of all users on Last FM this week and it is SO depressing. Apart from Rebellion (Lies), which is the one Arcade Fire song I like, if I had to pick the next best songs in the top 10 I’d probably go for Coldplay! The chart… Continue reading Untitled

A Decade Of Poptastic No.1s!

Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby 20th May 2000 Although Australia has produced some excellent pop stars, including one of the best ever in the form of Darren Hayes, their rate of producing ace pop music is not very high. This surprises me considering how jolly they seem to be as a race, but… Continue reading A Decade Of Poptastic No.1s!

A Decade Of Poptastic No.1s!

Britney Spears – Oops!…I Did It Again 13th May 2000 Up until In The Zone I liked Britney more with every album she released. Her debut had 4 great singles but the rest was pretty rubbish, her second, the one that featured this song, was far better, and I personally loved Britney the album (although… Continue reading A Decade Of Poptastic No.1s!