The 19th Most Poptastic Single Of 2005

Groove Coverage – Poison Released: 30th MayFrightening Fact: This is a cover version of a song by Alice Cooper, who is not a girl.Best bits: 1. One look, could kill, my pain, your thriiiiiiiill2. You’re poison running through my veins3. I wanna love you, but I, but I better not

20 Facts About Poland

1. It’s very cold in Poland.2. It was snowing when I got there!3. It’s quite normal to wear your hood up on your coat even when it’s not raining or snowing – this is good cos I always feel silly doing it in England.4. There is some good Polish music, but the charts are a… Continue reading 20 Facts About Poland

The 22nd Most Poptastic Single Of 2005

Patrick Wolf – Tristan Released: 21st FebruaryFussy fact: This is the only Paddy Wolf song I’ve liked so far, but I absolutely love it, so hopefully he’ll make another good one soon.Best bits: 1. My name is Tristan…and I am ALIVE! (uh! uh! huh!)2. Sorrow by name and sorrow by nature3. I fea-e-ar no criiime…WOW!