These are a few of my favourite things…

1. When you search for Louis Walsh groups on Facebook, every single one on the first page is a hate group. I couldn’t decide which to join out of “I HATE LOUIS WALSH”, “louis walsh is a complete twat” and “LOUIS WALSH WOULDNT KNOW TALENT IF IT HIT HIM IN THE FACE!!!!!!” – in the end I chose the last one for a) its enthusiasm for the cause and b) this very accurate photo.

2. Same Difference were on X Factor tonight, and they were superbly fab… of course! Unfortunately no-one noticed cos everyone was falling over themselves for Mr Big Voice, but hopefully the children watching all asked their mummies to buy the album for them for Xmas. I did, anyway! (Although I may not be able to wait and end up buying it myself next Monday)

3. I was chatting to my mum in the ad break about Britney performing next week and how amazing it would be if there was a Britney Week, but it’ll never happen… well, I was wrong! Next week IS Britney Week!!!! I never thought they’d do it, for the reason they never do anything good (why is there never a Madonna Week?) – most of these people just aren’t capable of being proper popstars, who can sing and dance at the same time. Every theme they choose, they always ensure there’s a way to avoid singing the poptastic songs. Take That Week was OK, cos they may be a pop band, but they sing mostly ballads. Only Alexandra did any proper dancing. But with Britney, I can’t think of any song that is an obvious choice for any of the acts, and it will probably be a disaster, but for once they will not be able to blame the song (I’m still not over Simon criticising With Every Heartbeat – GRRR!!) because Britney will be present! I can’t wait!

4. I also watched Idol (the Swedish one) this morning, and it is all going very well. There were 5 acts, so only two were safe from the bottom 3, and they were my favourites, Kevin and Alice. Maltese Eurovision wannabe Kevin is the only one who hasn’t been in the bottom 3 at all, and I’m quite hopeful he can win now, which is great cos he’s lovely and so pop-positive. Johan, who is very popular but terrible, has been in the bottom 3 a few weeks running, so he’s no longer a threat. Swedes have great taste!

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