Song of the Week: Best Coast – Feeling OK

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This week’s Song of the Week isn’t brand new, but it’s a track that has grown on me with every listen. Best Coast‘s latest single Feeling OK approaches pop from an alternative angle, yet it’s still catchy and bouncy, with an uplifting “love conquers all” message. Think Liz Phair in her early 2000s fun pop phase (which came after Liz signed to Capitol, the same label Best Coast recently joined, and the first major label for both acts). Reading the YouTube comments on the Feeling OK video, I can see that many of their fans have criticised the song for its more commercial sound, one even calling it “teen pop.” Clearly that person doesn’t have a clue what teen pop sounds like, but if I were Best Coast I’d take it as a compliment anyway. Although their former lo-fi sound was sometimes quite enjoyable, I hope they ignore the old grumps and continue to release music like Feeling OK. Hooray for selling out and being poptastic! If you like Feeling OK (or Liz Phair), the album California Nights is also worth a listen.


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